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Job Openings

At Profit Shoe Company, we are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Currently, we have job openings in the following positions: Senior Accountant, Sales Manager, Auditor, HR Manager, Sales Man, and Supply Chain Manager. We offer competitive salaries and a positive working environment. We are looking for individuals with the right mix of experience, excellent communication skills, and a strong dedication to our company. If you think you'd be a perfect fit for one of these roles, please submit your resume and a cover letter to our HR department. We look forward to hearing from you

Senior Accountant

Accountants are essential to every business. At a footwear company, the accountant is responsible for a range of tasks including GST filing, posting journals, TDS filing, company taxation, and company audit. To be qualified for this role, an individual will need to have a B Com degree, or an MBA Finance/M.Com Specialization in Taxation, as well as a minimum of 2-5 years of industry experience. The accountant is responsible for ensuring the financial records and activities of the company are accurate and compliant with the relevant laws and regulations. They must have strong analytical skills and be able to interpret financial data to make informed decisions.


The Sales Manager for the footwear company will be responsible for managing all store activities and managing the sales staff. They must have at least 1-2 years of experience in the footwear industry, as well as knowledge of footwear trends and products. They should also be target oriented and have a degree qualification. Computer knowledge is essential for this position. The Sales Manager will be in charge of managing the store and ensuring that sales goals are met. They will also be responsible for training and motivating their sales staff.

Sales Executive

Our Sales Executives are the face of our business and they are responsible for the success of our footwear sales. They must be smart, active, interactive, and most of all customer friendly. The Sales Executives have daily targets to meet and must be able to metriculate and exceed those targets. They must ensure that our customers are happy with their purchases and that they have the best possible experience with our products. Our Sales Executives must also be able to suggest the right products to our customers and promote our brand.


An Auditor for a Footwear store visits the store regularly to assess and audit the stock, cash, and other areas of the business. During the store visit, an audit is performed to check the stock levels, stock shortages, cash audit, and other areas of the store. The Auditor reports the audit findings to management to help them understand the areas that need to be improved and how to recover from any stock shortages. After the audit is complete, the Auditor creates an audit report to present to the management team, outlining any journey of the audit and any areas that need attention. The audit report helps to ensure that the store is running efficiently and that any discrepancies are addressed.

HR Manager

The Profit Shoe Company is looking for an experienced HR Manager with 5-10 years experience in the Retail sector. The successful candidate will possess a degree in either MBA HR or MHRM and have extensive knowledge of the full life cycle recruitment process for both junior and senior level positions. The HR Manager will be responsible for coordinating with banks for the salary deposits of all employees, as well as ensuring that all Government regulations, such as PF, ESI, and renewal of store license are complied with. They will also be expected to handle any employees related issues.

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